Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ashland Day 4 - Sara Onitsuka

Today was a tiring day as well, but for different reasons than the past few days. It was mostly a traveling day - we were supposed to meet in the bus at 8am, but ran late, and didn't leave until around 8:45am. After around 2 and a half hours of driving through a winding road (a long and winding road), we reached Crater Lake.   

Crater Lake had tons of snow surrounding it, but it was certainly still beautiful. We didn't get to sing at Crater Lake, so it was mostly just a quick sight-seeing trip.

Though we intended to arrive home somewhere around 5pm, one of the roads wasn't clear enough (due to snow) for us to use it. So we had to back-track around 70 miles, which added on to the driving time, but at least we were able to stop and get some ice cream! 

This trip was so fun, but felt way too short. I wish we could have just spent a few more days in Ashland, walking around Lithia Park and the downtown area. It was a great bonding experience, and I was able to branch out a little bit by talking to people I haven't much before. This school year, in general, just seemed like it flew by. As the climax of our entire Royal Blues season, the Ashland trip was definitely worth it. As cheesy as it is, the memories I formed and the pictures I took will last a lifetime. Thank you Mr. Eisemann, Wendy and Claire's moms, and the rest of the Blues for making this trip the best ever. 

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