Monday, June 3, 2013

Congratulations New Blues!

After a long and arduous audition process the 2013-14 Royal Blues list is done. There were 19 spots to fill in all, eight men and 11 women. Thank you to everyone who auditioned and congratulations to those of you who were selected. It's going to be a great choir! The first information meeting is Tuesday, June 4th in the choir room at 6:30 pm. Both students and parents should attend.

Royal Blues List 2013-14

Soprano 1
Wendy Smith
Madison Barnett
Maddy Fellows
April Lonchar

Soprano 2
Kiah Stern
Bea Herzberg
Tiffany Buys
Maia Dooney

Alto 1
Sarah Webster
Allison Little
Sara Onitsuka
Elle Newcomer

Alto 2
Caire Leipzig
Abby Williams
Sophia Morrow
Amanda Johnston

Tenor 1
Javon Carter
Paul Smith
Sam Butler
Cameron Hill

Tenor 2
Nate Harold-Golden
Owen Sokoloff
Patrick Pierre
Isaac Donnell

Ethan Eisemann
Nick Sullivan
Connor Barron
Robbie Goldie

Ben Huffine
Mitch Schaumberg
Andrew Pearson
Wyatt Jackson

Blues at Historic Giltner Mansion

RB's with Congressman Earl Bluemenaur.

The Royal Blues had the honor of performing for U.S. Congressman Earl Bluemnaur and the Rose Festival Foundation at the lovely, historic Giltner Mansion in Irvington on Thursday, May 30th. The performance was for a Rose Festival benefit to raise money for local arts programs including schools. The congressman was more than happy to snap a photo with the choir just before speaking about how unique Portland is in it's civic involvement and community support. Thank you again to everyone who supports the arts in the Grant community! 

Up on the Balcony singing to the crowd below.

RB's with the Rolls Royce.

Styling! (Nice white socks Nate...)